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New Collections Fall 2019

Ceramics, Soft Industrial, Crystal Classics, and MLB 2

October 25, 2019

New Collections Fall 2019

Ceramics, Soft Industrial, Crystal Classics, and MLB 2

October 25, 2019

At High Point Market this month, we debuted two new collections we're really proud of and are thrilled to share with you: Hudson Valley Lighting and Corbett Lighting. (More Mitzi and Troy to come at next Vegas Market in January)

Martyn’s back—Martyn Lawrence Bullard, that is, with his second collection in collaboration with Corbett Lighting. Ever effusive about his love for disparate styles around the world and throughout history, the new collection includes nods to mid-century modern and industrial influences run through his personal filter. Corbett’s artisanal strengths are on display with feathers and blossoming stems fashioned out of metal and finished in opulent brass, old world bronze, and glamorous golden tones. Additionally, there are portables—a first for Corbett! 

As for HVL, we have  A LOT of new stuff. Three general "stories" dominate our latest offering: 

New materials

In addition to more of the materials you've begun to see from us like Spanish alabaster, leather, and rattan, we give ceramics and wood a lot of space in this new collection. Ceramics occupy a central role in our expanded portables offering, especially, but they also extend into pendants! Working with furniture specialists, we've sourced and selected supple woods.

Soft industrial

One of those wooden pieces is an industrial shape given more warmth and a whole new aesthetic through the new material choices. Throughout this soft industrial look subset of our new families, you'll find familiar forms recast with unexpected materials and patterns. The idea here is giving an aesthetic decorative element that softens these machine age designs for the home. The longevity of the designs of this epoch is a testament to the utility of the fixtures and the elegance of the forms. These reimaginings make them contemporary and add subtle details which make for superior luminaires.

Crystal pieces

Hudson Valley built its brand on cleaned-up classics. Here, we're going back to some more antique fixtures and again stripping them of filigree. Masters of glass, we're exploring crystal, which obviously has a long, rich history with decorative lighting. The fun here is how we approach it. How does a classic crystal piece with simplified design and a more streamlined presentation fit into a contemporary space? If all the decorative elements in a room are having a conversation, what do they add to the conversation? 

While we continue to look to the past for sources of inspiration, we're a forward-looking company making tomorrow's heirlooms. In our new collection, we aspire to make some unique designs that people in the future will look to and use for inspiration.



Sands Point recasts industrial form in ethically harvested maple wood, giving the hard-edged a softer, warmer look. Industrial lighting fixtures were built with their functions in mind; Sands Point is no different, with details that won’t be noticed immediately, such as its built-in brass reflector to get the most out of the light source.

A metal water pitcher from '50s Denmark served as an unlikely starting point in this bit of sculpture for the wall, Lefferts.



Midcentury modern forms endure, and you can see them in the new collection. Lorne alters a long cone shade to give it some verve. Among its charms are two its double adjustable arms. A cord means that this is a portable, great both for the renter and for the person who likes to switch things up a lot.  

Strong colors and patterns weave their way through the Brookville family. Marking a debut in ceramic hanging light fixtures for us, these beauties are handpainted and come in four different colorways. They work well solo or in a cluster. To enhance a space's design unity, they may be matched with lamps in the same family.

Floral Park and Tulip are part of our emergent crystal story. If we go back to some of the earliest chandeliers, it's these beautiful opulent crystal ones, often in cultural centers in Europe like classical music halls and theatres. Our new pieces are a tribute to those, but brought into the twenty-first century, with an understanding these will feature in more domestic spaces. 

Blossom, below, is connected but uses glass. However, going back to Europe, it's made with the Venetian technique of piastre. We use it in a different way, fashioning faux petals, each with a unique piastre formation radiating from its center.

But not all of the crystal pieces explore old-world opulence in contemporary spaces. Heron takes inspiration from a French Art Deco piece, simplifying into a vast spun metal cone with a painstakingly hand-applied finish, capped with a thick faceted crystal finial set into the cone's apex/base. Beaded chains bestow another layer of elegance to Heron.

With a factory line sort of order and aesthetic, Jewett's hook and ring construction is contrasted beautifully by these double-blown glass diffusers with an exaggerated exterior detail. Available as sconces, pendant, and chandelier, this family is part of our 'soft industrial' story.

Every room needs a table lamp, and every style deserves one to be its equal even as it complements. We've delved in deeply with the portables this time around. Many fit into a coastal color theme: blue, white, grey. 

Glazing, kiln burning, hand painting, and the like are common here. One we particulary like is Bohemia. We worked with a patternmaker highly respected in her field to create this pattern which is made to look like skeins of cotton, tied in periodic knots and left out to to dry. Using an indigo blue, white and gold leaf, this pattern is applied rigorously in three layers and is very difficult to get just right.

Amagansett and Sag Harbor below are just two of several more lamps we're offering, some of which are in this coastal color vein. Totemic shapes and graphic, textured bodies make for an impactful accent statement. 

Albertson, Woodmere, Waltham, and Selden introduce wood into our portable collection. The combination of brass inlay with walnut in strong, iconic forms makes for a welcome, warm addition. Full-range dimmers tailor the mood and mid-century modern character endures, exuding a quietly optimistic spirit.

We'll be talking more about some of our other new lights soon. For now, we've barely scratched the surface, so head on over to our HVL New Releases page to check them all out.

Moving onto Corbett...

From the ever-popular Moravian star to a faceted honeycomb lantern, Martyn Lawrence Bullard’s new collection with Corbett Lighting has found ways to take beloved forms and make them new. Gorgeous finishes, eye-popping textures, and nuanced craftsmanship are present in every new family from this cosmopolitan collection. Natural materials and inspirations prism through Bullard’s unique perspective, while Corbett’s strengths as makers and dreamers on a vast scale result in a collaboration that gives you the best of both worlds: an opulent collection of lighting fixtures as approachable as they are enchanting.

Inspired at once by the idea of flight, the natural world, and the designer’s travels, Featherette brings a textural, elegant charm to the space it adorns. Its finish includes an element of patina to enhance its antique character. 

Not that Featherette is the only fixture in our new collection with MLB. Tropicale brings you into the wilds of the Glamazon with golden leaves.

Scale plays a big role in the new pieces by Martyn for Corbett. Hexsation boasts a large hexagonally faceted lantern with ridged panels of glass to deliver a wopping dose of texture. Star of the East perforates its huge metal star shade with many smaller stars for the light to escape. Even within a large-scale statement maker, there's space for subtle details visible only once one gets closer. 

Acacia wood and wicker give a kind of tropical, partying-with-sophistication vibe to Rhodos, Hula Hoop, and Caba Caba.

That's not all! Head over to our Corbett New Releases page to explore our new collection with Marytn.